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In fact, if a dehumidifier is used in a basement with moisture problems, it may cause greater damage. By drying out the basement air, moisture is drawn into the basement more rapidly causing efflorescence and spalling of concrete and further damage to interior finishes. Interior membrane or coating is a temporary solution

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Efflorescence is not as noticeable when it occurs on gray concrete, but even a little efflorescence on colored concrete can be a contractor's worst nightmare. Efflorescence makes red look pink, brown look tan, and black look gray or even white. The good news is that it will eventually go away on its own as the free calcium is depleted.

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Efflock prevents efflorescence and creates hydrophobic tile bed, adhesive and grout for around $3.87/m2 (for a 30mm thick tile bed). Compare that with the cost of a secondary membrane for at least $20/m2, and you're way in front Even with a tile bed 100mm thick you're saving cost and extra processes.

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Mar 14, 2013· Efflorescence can form a thick layer on the surface, which can completely hide the concrete's color or, as in your case, create unsightly white patches. Causes. Usually, efflorescence is primarily composed of calcium carbonate formed when leached calcium hydroxide (CH) from within the concrete reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Efflorescence: Definition, Causes, Removal, and Prevention by Will Fowler / Wednesday, 01 April 2015 / Published in Basement Waterproofing, Blog, Efflorescence Efflorescence is a problem that commonly exists in masonry and concrete block foundations.

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I applied an epoxy coating to my garage floor several months ago, and it's already peeling! I followed the package instructions carefully – what happened? If your garage floor is peeling so soon after application, the concrete slab must not have bonded well with the epoxy coating. Even if you ...

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23A Efflorescence - Causes and Prevention. This Technical Note describes the mechanisms leading to the formation of efflorescence, including probable sources of soluble salts and moisture. Conditions necessary to cause efflorescence to appear are presented, along with design recommendations and practices that reduce the potential for efflorescence.

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the concrete at and around the joints with ASR-resistant concrete does not prevent the remainder of the pavement from expanding, and subsequent repairs are inevitable. ... was the cause of damage to the concrete in th span. DRI values of 1430 and 1081 in this the 5 ... Treatment or Repair of ASR-Affected Concrete using Lithium." th.

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Sep 10, 2015· What Causes Efflorescence and How to Remove it: Efflorescence Causes, Removal, and Prevention. ... that may appear as a chalky or white haze on surfaces of masonry, stucco or concrete. The efflorescence you are observing in your pavers is Calcium Carbonate, a by-product resulting from an interaction between the cement used to manufacture the ...

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An ounce of prevention can eliminate many of your efflorescence headaches, but you'll have to rely mainly on your contractor.Good building practices are essential. Remember, you're trying to avoid the three essentials of efflorescence: keeping salts out of the masonry, keeping water out of the slab and avoiding porosity in your stone work.

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Now is the best time to preserve the concrete and prevent future moisture or radon problems. In a finished basement, the floor-to-wall joints are unreachable. Sealing the basement is particularly important in today's energy-efficient homes, which draw not-so-fresh air from the ground through the porous concrete.


Repair Is the Most Expensive Solution Repairing concrete structures is up to ten times more expensive than preventive measures such as hydrophobic impreg-nation. With WACKER's innovative tech-nology for the water-repellent treatment of concrete, it's possible to prevent repair – and so avoid high costs and consumption of energy and resources.

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The EffLock efflorescence-curing system from NewLook International does more than just seal the concrete. It works from within, using nano-fusion technology to react and permanently bind with sodium-based impurities in concrete to prevent efflorescence from forming.

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Simple Steps to Prevent Basement Mold and Mildew. You may not always see mold but often times you can smell it. If you basement has a musty smell than you most likely have a mold problem! Molds play a vital role in nature by breaking down plant and animal matter but when allowed to flourish inside a home it can cause a variety of health issues.

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Efflorescence Causes, Removal, and Prevention. ... stucco or concrete, is very often the cause of efflorescence. In the case where soil conditions exhibit water soluble sulfates, precautions should be taken to preclude the passage of this sulfate-bearing water to the structure. Low absorption is the best assurance against efflorescence.

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This high indoor humidity article explains the causes and cures of high indoor moisture or indoor condensation problems. This article series discusses how to inspect, diagnose problems in, and install or repair building insulation & ventilation systems including heat loss, moisture, & interior stains.

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Aug 09, 2016· Swimming Pool Plaster Problems: Typical Causes for Common Issues. ... Smooth plaster coating throughout the interior prevents water from leaking through into and potentially damaging the concrete (gunite/shotcrete) ... Prevent plaster problems in the first place.

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Protect your home from water damage by installing an exterior waterproofing system by Pro Foundation Technology. The system we have chosen is made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the highest quality of waterproofing systems made in the industry today.Stopping water from collecting around the foundation is an important part of basement waterproofing.

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Fly ash can be used as prime material in many cement-based products, such as poured concrete, concrete block, and brick. One of the most common uses of fly ash is in Portland cement concrete pavement or PCC pavement. Road construction projects using PCC can use a great deal of concrete, and substituting fly ash provides significant economic ...

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However, it can lead to potential moisture problems that can cause structural damage to building materials. That means if you notice efflorescence in the basement or on concrete and other structures, it's important to take action. Preventing Efflorescence. There are many solutions to prevent efflorescence, including:

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New stucco always should be primed or conditioned for optimal results. Since pH levels can be a concern with new stucco, make sure the primer can be applied to surfaces with a high pH level. This will minimize efflorescence problems later on. You'll get maximum performance from Sherwin-Williams …

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Sep 29, 2015· Secondly, concrete slabs are exposed to the risk of cracking. While some small cracking may not be a big deal in particular situations, even tiny hairline fractures can lead to major problems down the road. Ultimately, a crack in a home's concrete slab foundation could affect a home's flooring or overall stability. Common Concrete Slab Defects

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Sep 15, 2016· About Brick Restoration, Inc. We are the highest rated full-service masonry repair and installation contractor serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Known for our expert workmanship and outstanding results, our extensively trained masons and patented technology separates us from other masonry contractors.

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solutions, sealants, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts, performance flooring solutions. ... concrete technology. Appealing designs and surfaces, reduced construction times and low ... The formation of efflorescence on the concrete's surface is a major reason for complaints in the

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Air entrainment is recognized as the most effective prevention against concrete scaling in exposed environments. Air entrained concrete delivers particular benefits in the form of increased concrete durability. This is important in colder climates where frost and freeze-thaw cycles can cause scaling and damage to the concrete surface.