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May 16, 2017· Aero Mechanical Conveyors. An AMC is a tubular conveyor that utilises a cable and disc assembly. The movement of the conveyor is so rapid it aerates the product. As a general rule, each pocket contains about 80% air and 20% material. It is one of the most efficient methods of …

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Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors operate on a simple principle. Within a steel tube, a wire rope with evenly spaced discs travels at high speed, running in sprockets at each end of the conveyor. As material is fed in, the air stream aerates or fluidizes it and carries it to the outlet, where it is discharged by centrifugal force.

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have endeared aero mechanical conveyors to a broad cross-section of industries. From the seemingly simple task of transferring food ingredients to the conveying of abrasive and corrosive chemicals, aero mechanical conveyors (AMCs) are well equipped to handle most materials with ease. Applications AMC elevating material from a transition hopper ...

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deliver material to the chute of the aero mechanical conveyor. Many aero mechanical conveyors are fed from bulk bags. Spiroflow is well placed to supply appropriate Bulk Bag Dischargers to suit. Automatic rope tensioner. We are well versed in the NEMA and other regulations relating to the risks of machinery and electrical equipment

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HiWay Distribution Conveyors. This family of conveyor distributors has the same design features as the high-speed aero-mechanical conveyors, but operate at low speeds and the materials are conveyed into the tubes by disc chain or cable.

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Description As the main component of aeromechanical conveyors, rope assemblies are short-lived and prone to breakage and other problems. Now you can increase conveyor uptime and lower maintenance costs with Young Industries' MAX-LIFE replacement rope assemblies. Young Industries' unique heat-treating process strengthens rope ferrules, creating an effective and secure locking system for the ...

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Aero - Mechanical Conveyors . HiWay aero-mechanical conveying systems are designed to handle a wide variety of powders and granular products. The system is a high speed cable and disc conveyor made up of two or more special housings connected by tubes and fitted with particular sprockets, which turn the rope passing it on to the conveying tube.

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Conveyors-The Aero Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) is one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials in terms of its dust-free and clean handling properties. This type of conveyor is designed and custom-built for the product to be conveyed and is ideally suited to meet a variety of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Designed to integrate seamlessly with any Floveyor aero-mechanical conveyor, screwfeeder or simple transition hopper, our systems promote the flow of difficult products and provide safe, ergonomic conditions for operators. We have minimised dust and spillage …

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Aero Mechanical Conveyor. The Applications of an Aero mechanical conveyer can be seen in most of the situations related to powder and granular material handling. Of all the equipments designed for this work the Aero mechanical conveyer is most efficient in terms of its dust free and clean handling properties. Designed and custom build for the ...

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This equipment can be seen in every conceivable situation where powders and granular materials are handled. Of the many systems designed for transferring these materials, the aero mechanical conveyor is among one of the most efficient in terms of its dust free and clean handling properties.

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Aero-mechanical conveying solutions by Floveyor. The original and best aero-mechanical conveyor. Floveyor first invented the aero-mechanical conveyor in 1958 and are they only company continuing to develop the technology today. There have been many inferior imitations sold over they years, but none can match the modern aero-mechanical technology offered by Floveyor.

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Principle of Operation Our Aeroflow aero mechanical conveyors are of a tubular design in which a continuous wire rope assembly with accurately spaced polyurethane discs move at high speed. At each end of the conveyor, the rope assembly runs around specially designed sprockets, one of which drives the rope assembly and the other tensions it.

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Aero-mechanical conveying solutions. Floveyor advantages . Simplify your materials handling. Aero-mechanical conveying solutions. Floveyor advantages . Perfect with food. ... Mobile modular conveyors that work any shift. Lowest comparable costs across all industries. Designed to fit in fast for occasional or expanding applications.

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Welcome to Aero Mechanical. Since 1987, Aero Mechanical has been a leading commercial plumbing contractor in Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ). Our company strives itself on "Professionalism, Quality, Courtesy, and Efficiency." All of the services we provide must meet our company's rigorous standards of quality.

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Jun 23, 2017· The Floveyor is the original aero-mechanical conveyor, invented by our family-owned business back in 1960.Since then, we've driven its evolution, pioneering our industry's benchmark product suite and establishing ourselves as the world's aero-mechanical conveying specialists.Learn about the holistic engineering ethos that makes our solutions ...

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May 05, 2017· Here's an in-depth explanation of all the benefits of the aero mechanical conveyor. Learn more at: https://

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Waste Recycling Group needed a bulk bag unloader to empty single bags and a method of transferring an alkaline powder to a blending tank where acidic liquors are neutralized. A Spiroflow single trip bulk bag unloader and aero mechanical conveyor are successfully used for this application.

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May 27, 2010· UniTrak - Aeromechanical conveyors - Dust-free solution for a wide variety of food and dry chemical materials. High output and clean handling at an affordable cost.

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Apr 01, 2008· The aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC), most commonly known as a "rope and disk" conveyor, has been around since the early 1960s. Now used in over 30 countries, the AMC has made a name for itself by conveying everything from coffee beans, tea leaves, malt and plastics to titanium dioxide, as well a variety of other products in the ceramic, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical, …

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Aero Mechanical Conveyors. Entecon's aero mechanical conveyors are in house powder conveying systems by airflow with no outside air supply. The conveying takes place in a tubular system which is sealed and completely dust-free.

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May 02, 2012· For the last 14 years, a custom provider of coffee and condiments to offices, vending machine outlets, and private label sales has been using an aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC) from Spiroflow Systems Inc. in its flavored coffee production operation without replacing any part.

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Jan 24, 2011· This aero-mechanical conveyor is designed for high throughput of semi-free flowing powders like Talc, TiO2, and carbon black. The unit can convey up to 18 cu ft/min and is ideal for bulk bag unloading and loading, conveying powders quickly to process vessels, and reloading feeders. Features include clean-in-place housings, independent tensioning, and flood feed inlets.

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Aero-Mechanical Conveyors. Manufacturer's Product Page The VAC-U-MAX Aero Mechanical Conveyor is designed to convey bulk powders from the source to the process. Ideal for food and industrial applications.

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Young Industries has been supplying Aero-Mechanical Conveyors for powder handling applications since 1985. We have been constantly improving the design of the conveyor and our newest design addresses the needs of today's powder handling applications. Young Industries Aero-Mechanical Conveyors and rope assemblies are proudly manufactured in Muncy, PA USA.

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Floveyor Aero-Mechanical Conveyor Floveyor solutions are applied in industries the world over, Our systems are used to move a diverse range of materials; from delicate products that demand a gentle touch through to coarse products that call for durability.

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Additionally, aero mechanical conveyors fitted with wash gates and drains can be washed through with water or another cleaning fluid. High throughput. Aero mechanical conveyors can operate at speeds up to 36 ft3/min or 2,160 ft3/hour / 1 m3/min or 61 m3/hr, with many products such as flour.

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Aug 20, 2019· Aero-mechanical conveyors. An alternative to the flexible screw conveyor is the aero-mechanical conveyor, which creates an airstream that moves the product up the tubes along with high-speed discs and a rope. Flour is conveyed in the air stream created by the rope and discs in the tube where the product is handled gently.

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The aero mechanical conveyor is an efficient and dust-free method of conveying materials at any angle between 0° and 90° without loss of capacity. The aero mechanical conveyor is an efficient and dust-free method of conveying materials at any angle between 0° and 90° without loss of capacity.